Peripheral nerve stimulation (PNS) stands as a widely employed method for managing chronic pain. Ideal candidates for PNS treatment encompass individuals experiencing localized nerve pain arising from various sources, including trauma, prior surgical interventions, amputation, or diabetes. Additionally, PNS has been utilized effectively in managing complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS).

The PNS placement procedure entails a minor surgical intervention, during which a small electrical device, resembling a wire-like electrode, is strategically positioned adjacent to one of the peripheral nerves, situated outside the brain and spinal cord. This electrode administers rapid electrical pulses, producing mild tingling sensations, often referred to as paresthesias. These paresthesias effectively supplant the perception of pain. Patients undergoing PNS treatment are equipped with a controller or mobile app, granting them control over the stimulus intensity and the sensations they experience. PNS represents an emerging therapeutic option, offering a less invasive alternative to procedures such as spinal cord stimulation or surgery.

At Alleviate Institute of Spine and Pain, both temporary and permanent PNS solutions are available. The choice between these options will be determined by your medical practitioner, taking into consideration your specific case.
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