The mild® Procedure represents an FDA-approved, minimally invasive solution designed to target a key underlying factor of lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS). LSS primarily results from the natural degeneration associated with aging, leading to a narrowing of the lower spinal canal. This narrowing, in turn, triggers discomforting symptoms like pain, numbness, tingling, or a sense of heaviness when standing or walking, typically affecting the lower back, legs, or buttocks. The mild® Procedure effectively addresses this condition by eliminating excess, thickened ligament tissue, thus restoring space within the spinal canal and alleviating pressure on the spinal nerves.

When conservative treatments such as physical therapy, pain medications, and chiropractic interventions fail to offer sufficient relief, mild® represents an early intervention option to explore. This outpatient procedure can be completed through a single, minuscule incision, smaller in size than a baby aspirin (measuring just 5.1 mm). Furthermore, it is covered by Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans across the nation.